Stress hampers the results you get from Paraliminals, but we have a secret to share with you.
Yes, Paul Scheele guides you through relaxation during the first part of every Paraliminal, and…
…you might still be holding too much stress. You could be thinking, "I don't hold stress," but you probably are, because you've acclimated to it and it feels right.
So try this:
Once a day for a week, maybe even a month, use the Deep Relaxation Paraliminal.
As you listen, a wave of relaxation flows from the top of your head to the tips of your toes, guiding stress to flow out of your body. It helps drain stress from your joints, muscles, bodily systems, mind, and emotions, bringing you into a profound state of relaxation.
If you have time, you can go right into using another Paraliminal. We typically recommend waiting twenty minutes between Paraliminals, but for Deep Relaxation you can go right into another.
If you don't have extra time, that's all right, because Deep Relaxation affirms the marvelous talents you possess. It is relaxing and inspirational. It helps your days flow with ease.
When listening to any Paraliminal, stay focused during the relaxation portion at the beginning.
Consciously follow Paul's guidance to help relax and release stress. Then when his voice splits into multiple voices, let your mind go with the flow and the rhythm of the voices. You'll easily slip into a deep and receptive state that bridges the gap to your nonconscious mind, where so much power resides within you.
The Paraliminal will help you access it.
To learn more about Deep Relaxation and all our other Paraliminal programs, please click here.