Normally it's recommended we leave at least 20 minutes between paraliminals. The exception being Deep Relaxation, which can be followed up immediately by any other Paraliminal (effectively enhancing results). So my questions are:

1. What about Abundant Mindset and Prosperty - do these to create energy shifts in the same direction such that they could successfully be listened to back to back?

2. If so, would it make a difference which one I listened to first and which one second?

3. Also, not sure if this is a good question or not - if I listened to Deep Relaxation AFTER I listened to any other Paraliminal (obviously not including 10 minute Supercharger!), would this work well ie not detract from results in anyway?

4. Could Deep Relaxation potentially then be used as a bridge between different energy paraliminals?

Might be getting a bit carried away here! My apologies if I am. Thought it was worth asking as sometimes I have time to listen to more than a couple of Paraliminals at once, whilst other times I'm very restricted on time. (I have to try and get my paraliminals in when either I have babysitting or the kids are asleep!)

Many thank

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