Hi Alex

I have a question, but I'm a bit embarrassed to ask it. Still your advice has always yielded miraculous results, so I'm going to risk it!

My goal is more Money. For the sake of clarity, I've quantified a monthly income flow, it's rather outrageous compared to my current income, but I figured might as well go big if there's no difference between the Universe granting small requests and big ones (money wise).

I used to specify means of earning but I was advised not to limit the Power That Is and just trust, and this suits me because I was wrapping myself up in knots thinking how could I possibly earn this money on my current limited circumstances. I'm a full time mum to very young twins and their development is my top priority during these early years. They take all my resources, time, mental, emotional and physical energy. I'm told this is normal so at least I know I'm on the right track with this goal.

But money, how do I attract more when I don't have time to devote to making it currently and I no longer even think there's anything I'm good at enough to make the amount I'd like to.

My Dad says not to worry about money as this was the wrong energy and I should instead just focus on doing what I love and develop the trust that the money will be there when I need it. He says money is the side product and getting obsessed and worrying about it only brings more lack and issues.

I think this is great advice and worked when I followed it. Yet I was updating my cash flow position last night as I have some big bills coming up and I can't do the mental gymnastics with the current basic needs list. It was not good. I have no idea how I'm going to get through this ....

The truth is I need more money. And I know I'm repeatedly told not to worry about it. But the truth also is that I hate not having reserves in the bank that I can count on for the necessities. I know there are dangers with being obsessed with money and I've experienced the horrors of being victim to those that were driven solely by money.

But I still want a strong income flow, more than adequate to meet my needs and a huge reserve in the bank. I don't think I'm being greedy, I just want financial security and Abundance.

I put together a sleep listening playlist of just prosperity related tracksv(I have the Ultimate You Library and the 4 new paraliminals released this year, but not Financial Secirity). I thought I was being smart with this sleep learning playlist and I adjusted it twice, but I keep finding I'm in a bad mood after it's finished, quite angry and just feeling like... well it's distinctly a bad rotten mood.

.... sigh, kids fighting, must go! apologies for typos, no time to proof

Any advice? Apologies for probably a dumb question.