Please help me, I'm confused...

First, one of two voices on this recording is much quieter, therefore I automatically concentrate on the other. Therefore, my consciusness does not switch off, which I deem is a condition for a paraliminal. So, is it a paraliminal audio? Shall I try to be confused? - how??

Moreover, that louder voice guides me what to imagine, "do", feel. Given the above, I do it easly, hardly can do otherwise. This way, I find it a "mere" hypnosis, not a paraliminal. Why then is it called "a paraliminal"? What am I doing wrong??

Let me add, that I have listened to it six times now, each time with the above effects and confusion. Also, I use the same equipment for other paraliminals and find them fine.

I would be grateful for your explanation. This confusion doesn't help relaxing...