Wow, this is what I am finding, that my health, Relationships, finances and environment are all connected. It’s been hard for me to prioritise working on one over the other, because they all seem to have a knock on effect and problems in one area seem to trigger problems in the other areas. I’ve been using Paraliminals to help me get through this to date, but my playlists get so extended and I wonder about effectiveness as It’s advised not to mix up goals and yet all mine have a definite tangible link that working on individual things doesn’t have the lasting impact I need.

I love what I’ve just read in your answer here Wendy. It confirms my thoughts on the inextricableness of the problem set I’m currently experiencing. The 5 Pure Radiance meditation set could be a big part of the answer to my dilemma. In 25 minutes I’d be working on all of my necessary areas at a very deep profound level.

Then I could put my earphones in bed and listen to a more refined shorter playlist as guided by my intuition whilst I slept.

Thank you, I will try this. If you see any obvious difficulties in my theorised plan, please do let me know!

With love and light and many thanks 💖💖💖