Members of the Forum do a group healing every Saturday at noon, Central Time. You are welcome to join the group.

Join Us However You Can
Group healing transcends any distance, space, or time restraints. If the time designated doesn't work for you, do the meditation or just send energy at any time with the intention of it joining the rest of the group at 12:00 on Saturday.

To compare your time to Minnesota's Central Standard Time, go to: World Time Server

Select Minnesota USA from the left. Once you have the current time you can click on the link underneath to "calculate future event time in Minnesota, United States"
Set the time for 12 pm and the Saturday date, submit and then select your country/location from the list on the left and the time is worked out for you.

Special Considerations List
The group will have a thread each week where you can submit a person for special consideration/focus in that week's healing meditation.

When submitting a person for the week's group healing, list the following information:

First Name
City, State, Country
Blockage (please keep this very brief and simple)

There are a lot of people on this Forum, so please just submit a name or two when there is someone of priority to work with. You can always add additional people privately, including yourself, during the meditation.

I will delete the last week's healing meditation list after it has happened and the new one has been started.

On the rare occasion I don't start a new Group Healing thread, it can be started by anyone after the current week's healing meditation is complete. If you are beginning the thread, name it:

DD/MM/YY Healing Meditation

DD/MM/YY is the Day/Month/Year of the next healing meditation. Please Copy/Paste this entire message to the beginning of the new post, so those new to the Forum can participate.

Group Healing Meditation

The following Spring Forest Qigong group healing meditation can be adapted to our needs. Join the group in doing it, or just send energy to the people listed in the weekly meditation.

Find a comfortable seat wherever you are.
Take three slow breathes.
Say the password in your mind.
Call upon your master's energy to assist in this healing.

Bring in People
Visualize the Forum participants joining you in a circle.

Visualize a chair in the middle of circle.

Invite each person from this week's list to sit in the chair. You do not need to know their names.

Invite any others you wish, including yourself into the chair.

Connect to Internal Energy
Visualize a bright energy ball in everyone's lower dantian.

Visualize the energy ball slowly moving up the body to the forehead.

Bring in the Sun
Look to the end of the universe, and see the new morning sun rising.

With great respect invite the sun to please help us with our group healing.

See the sun getting bigger as it comes from across the universe and stops above the entire group.

Combine Our Energy with the Sun's
Visualize the energy ball from everyone's forehead rising up through the crown of the head and joining the sun -regenerating and renewing itself.

Sun's Energy Penetrates the Physical Bodies
See the sun's energy shining on everyone, penetrating each person's body as it clears, heals, and energizes every cell. Everyone glows bright and feels wonderfully renewed with smiles on their faces.

(Enjoy this space for the next 15+ minutes - similar to the Self Concentration meditation)

Bring Energy Back to Bodies and Thank the Sun
Now see everyone's renewed energy ball coming from the sun, through their crown, and into the forehead position.

Thank the sun for helping us in this group healing and ask it to please come next time it is asked.

See the sun go back to the end of the universe.

Everyone brings the energy ball slowly down to their lower dantian.

See the energy ball spinning faster and faster, getting smaller and smaller, until it's the size of a pill. See it go deep behind the navel.

Thank those who we've invited into the chair for coming and see them and those in the circle going back to where they belong with smiles on their faces.

Take three slow breaths.
Rub your face.
Comb your scalp with your finger.
Cup your head with your palms.
Massage your ears.
Enjoy your day.