Future Mapping is very complementary to Unlimited Futures, even though they are coming from different perspectives.

In Unlimited Futures, you are working with opening the energy of your physical body, as well as your emotional, mental and spiritual states. As those energies become more refined, you activate your right brain capacities and become more and more open and available to all the laws of nature and manifestation. This, in turn, allows you to more creatively approach what you want in all aspects of your life and draw those things to you. These internal shifts alter the way you see and experience the world, and hence your entire relationship to it.

While many people refer to Future Mapping as a goal setting course, I tend to think of it as a really effective goal achievement program. Because it teaches you to think “outside the box” in amazingly creative (and fun) ways, it’s possible to shift the entire paradigm from which you are operating.

With its light-hearted approach to whatever goal, conundrum or situation you choose to do a Future Map around, it is great for clearing stuck states and/or giving you unusual solutions to those circumstances. I enjoy its versatility in that it can be used for totally frivolous situations as well as major life changes and challenges. It’s also compatible for both short term tasks as well as huge projects, which can be chunked down into smaller Future Maps. All in all, a really useful tool to have at your disposal!!!

All the best!