I just started using Sonic Access.

After listening to a meditation for one of my goals, I started to perceive the changework I need to go through in order to reach it.

My question is, given the new information I have now, what is the best way to work on my goal (if I only have time for one paraliminal a day):

a) Just take note of the changes that need to occur, and keep listening to the meditation daily

b) Now that I have a first sense of the changes to make, switch to the "traditional" paraliminals, according to the changes I want to make, and go back to the Sonic Access when I'm done with that first series of changes ?

Another way of putting this is : does the sonic access meditations also take care of initiating all the changes I need to make in myself in order to reach my goal, or do I still need the "traditional" paraliminals ?

Thank you,
All the best.

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