Hi again, Astrid!

Here are a couple of pointers from Marie's master dowser:

#1 is to cure the geopathic stress lines that will help reduce
this energy in the home.

#2 is to ask for and cure the Interference lines that is created
by her neighbor’s WiFi or an electrical tower and any additional

As an additional FYI, our property manager put some cell towers on top of our building here quite a few years ago (much to our chagrin). We did an event with Marie shortly after that and I asked her to tune in and see what I could do about it. We identified where the energy was most jangled and she had me attach large quantum energy rings to the ceiling tiles beneath the towers. My rods gave me a definite indication of where the center should be, and I check them periodically. It has definitely changed the overall energy level for the better.

All the best!