I preview for about 10 seconds because i photoread on my kindle tablet. And I cant look at my clock and photoread as it's impossible on the kindle and i was using a printed book looking at the clock would make reading hard. I only use the table of contents to collect trigger words as reviewing takes up a lot of my time and I'm not sure if I should review everything including copyright this usually takes me twenty minutes if I did it all. And also when I do try to collect trigger words from the pages of chapters no words seem special or pop out at me. I only write down two questions one relating to the trigger words and the second saying "what else do I need to know" i can't remember the questions I ask when activating. When activating i super read and dip but no pages or senteces seem to call out to me or seem special to me. Also I don't have markers or large paper to make mind maps.

I've photoread about 100 books activated about 30 or them remember at least 15-17.

I'd like to get better may you give me advice? Also i consider myself a scanner or a renaissance soul as termed by authors.