Thank you for your post, impressive with you're being at 100 books with PhotoReading!

Here are tips to improve your results:

1. When Previewing in step 2, plan to go for and gather up to a dozen key words and phrases, spending no more than 2 minutes. You'll always be able count on getting key words/phrases from each of the chapter titles, and any bold or italicized words,which intuitively seem to carry the bulk of the meaning and content on the page. Gather up those words, without looking for meaning or'll build those connections during step 5 Activation.

2. In step 4 Postviewing, write down each question you create with your trigger words and phrases. You should have anywhere from 5-10 questions going into each 30-minute activation pass.As you begin crafting several or more Postviewing questions for each activation pass, you'll notice a nice improvement in how much more your inner mind will intuitively guide you to be attracted to the portions of text which contain answers to your questions.

3. Add a layer of branches to your Mind Map from each activation pass with key words and phrases. And, periodically review your Mind Maps. Each time you move through your Mind Map, you will reconstruct and strengthen all of those new memory threads, giving you better and better access to those details in the future.

4. For the next 30 days, Prepare and PhotoRead 7-10 books each week, and each week go back and fully activate 1-2 of those books. "Fully Activate" means you keep repeating the 30-minute activation passes until you reach that point where the entire book "GELS," and you achieve the comprehension and understanding of what the author is trying to provide you. And, you will have spent 1/3rd to 1/10th of the amount of time it would have normailly taken with regular slow reading and study to achieve the same comprehension.

Let us know how that works for you.


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