Hi Rivinmoore!

I never did hear back from Brian on the specific question you asked, but realized as I was going through a transcript from another event we did with him, that he had tangentially answered your question about the alchemy experiment he does with his students.

Apparently it involves making a solution with a recipe that can be replicated. The ingredients are put together using the same ingredients in the same quantities and order so there is a consistent result each time.

He then has students meditate for a week or two with the Sun and Moon Meditation. Following this period of meditation, he has them do the experiment again, just as they did it before. The outcome produced is quite different and he says it is a wonderful way to give them feedback that “clarifies that the difference between chemistry and alchemy is a spiritual link. They quickly make the connection that the more work they do on themselves, the greater effect it has on what they do, no matter what that may be.”

He goes on to say “I don’t believe there’s a better meditation than this one for clearing away mental debris and stress. It has powerful cleansing capabilities. When you release the stagnant energy from your system, when you are not holding on to anything, more will flow to you.”

I hope this helps clarify what you were wondering about!

Wendy Greer