Hi all

After several attempts at using my rods with no joy, I finally got them to move when using them a few days ago in my back garden.

I found some stress lines and placed the cures but the direction where the rods say the lines are coming from pointed towards the front direction.

My questions are:

- Which is the best direction to start dowsing, should we start dowsing from the front of the house/garden?

- Although I have placed the cures at the back of the garden, will this stop the stress lines if they are coming from the front direction?

I suppose I would have to dowse the front garden to check if any lines are still active and cure them as well if its the same direction as the one I cured at the back?

With the direction that the rods were pointing its difficult to know whether it 'means' the direction in my back garden or the direction at the front of the house.

I hope all of this makes sense. 🙂