Hi Jenny!

I'm sure everyone has their own pattern on where they prefer to start. I generally stand in an entryway, check the current energy level of the property and then move on to specifics.

When you ask if there are any uncured geopathic stress lines, if you get a positive answer you will then ask how many there are. Once you have that number, you will start working through them. If you look at page 14 of your manual, you will find the order that Marie uses. You will also notice that one of the questions you ask is "From which direction is the geopathic stress line coming?" When you have that information, you can cure it at the point where it's entering the property.

If you find it's challenging to get a clear indication of which direction the stressor is originating from, I would suggest switching to a single rod for that inquiry. That way there should be no confusion about where you're going to cure it.

Many people cure in the context of their interior space, but as it sounds as if you are curing at the outside property line, you would follow the same protocol, but it would just be outside. I don't think it will matter whether you start in the front or the back, because when you are done, they will all be cured.

You can confirm this by asking at the end of your session the same question you asked at the beginning - "Are there any uncured geopathic stress lines?" If you have cured them all, the answer will be a clear "No."

All the best!
Wendy Greer