Hello, I have both the Abundance for Life course and the Sedona Method course. I have gone through Abundance for life, it has been great but I am confused on one thing. It seems to me that the Feeling Exercise and the Sedona Method are somewhat contradictory in that they use 2 different methods though reaching similar end results.

Feeling the feeling and appreciating vs feeling then releasing the feeling. This is the main reason that despite having both programs, I have been somewhat reluctant to go through the Sedona method. On the other hand, releasing is a part of the Natural Brilliance model. So I would greatly appreciate if someone could help me see how the 2 programs can be complimentary to one another.Or help me understand what happens when you release.

Personally I prefer the concept of removing the label from the feeling since it is energy and the "negative" emotion was just a label we hid that energy behind. This is one thing I understood from the Abundance for Life course. On the other hand Sedona, seems to be letting that energy go. But from my current point of view, I don't see how letting the energy go is a positive thing.

Also, although I have had great success with the feeling exercise. And have even used it for physical feelings, when it comes to intense feelings of discomfort or dis-ease I have not had the same success. On the other hand Paul Scheele was able to do a walk of fire using this same technique. Being able to do this would be IMMENSELY beneficial to me. And I distinctly remember when reading the envelope that came in the mail informing me of the Abundance For Life course of a testimonal of someone who was able to turn chronic pain into feelings of euphoria . If anyone has any tips or anything that could help me deepen my understanding of this process or this particular level of the exercise it would be appreciated!