Why is the "Get Around To It" manual written so poorly? I had more clarity before reading through it. Who wrote this? Was it cobbled together by multiple writers?

The writing is very sloppy and unclear. Certain words seem to mean one thing in one paragraph, and then something else entirely in another paragraph. If this is not the case, then the instructions in both sections A and B are contradictory.

For example, is session A about focusing on "activities" or "priorities" or "a goal" or "the results"? Different parts of the manual suggest different things. In the Purpose section of session A, it says "Establish clear PRIORITIES, and focus on ACTIVITIES that accomplish them." Then, in the listening instructions , it says "Clearly identify your PRIORITIES and a GOAL you want to accomplish. Focus on the RESULTS you desire."

So which is it? Should I be focusing on the ACTIVITIES or the RESULTS?

What about section B? Is it about focusing on a specific task and it's benefits... or is it about focusing on a specific result/goal and all the tasks involved in accomplishing it? Different parts of the manual suggest different things. In the listening instructions, it says "identify a specific TASK you want to start or accomplish. Think of the BENEFIT for achieving it." Then, further down the page, in the technique overview, it says to "identify the one specific RESULT or GOAL you desire. Second, what TASKS are there to complete in order to achieve the RESULT?"

In other words, section B starts off suggesting this session is about accomplishing a specific TASK, but then a few paragraphs later suggests it's about accomplishing a specific RESULT/GOAL involving multiple TASKS.

So my question is this:

What is the difference between a priority, an activity, and a task? What's the difference between a goal, a result, and a benefit? The manual is not clear on this. It just tosses these words out there like their precise meaning is self-evident, but then, later in the manual, uses those same words differently. If this is not the case, then the multiple instructions in the manual contradict themselves.