Very motivated before starting this personal challenge…then….

The country I live in, ku was plunged into Covid lock down. Schools were shut. I had this grand idea I’d able to work and do my reading like a university student i.e. it would be easy to fit into my timetable.

This was not the case. I was overwhelmed.

I didn’t know where to start. I was thrown off. Then I remembered…

Gathered everything nad if in doubt start Previewing (Purpose) and PhotoReading.

So, I started there.

Things I’ve noticed. Some of these points might seem very obvious, but I needed an aha moment or question to answer to emotionally connect to the PhotoReading Whole Mind System, PHWMS.

Every time you read, have a purpose, even if the purpose is…to see if this book is worth carry on with.

Always look to answer questions. I generally write them down (pen/paper) as I go along. As a question pops up, write it down.

The Preview step is what you’d do when looking at a book in a book shop. It’s 3-5 minutes long.

With a preview, also look for what is missing.

Every time you come to read, get into state

With the whole of the system.....take your time.

I’d try and rush the preview stage.

Sure, the photoreading /flipping is the bit that we want to get to. It is just one piece of a whole system.

After previewing, you can always change, update or edit your purpose. Each time you read, you can have a different purpose.

Without a purpose or question to answer, your reading is directionless.

I’ve never seen the blip page. Most of my reading is down on an iPad/Kindle.

You can take a break here.

Postview [(10-15 mins long)
Take your time postviewing.
Find trigger or key words. If in doubt look in the index.
Ask extra questions.

You can take a break here… then

Activate 20-30 minute chunks
Activation is spending time with a book. There is no right or wrong way. Here I think many of us hit a block as it’s the most akin to normal reading, which if you don’t like…sucks…

Ask yourself. How can I make this fun?

If there is an activation method that you are avoiding, spend your next 5 books, only activating using that method.

If nothing is happening…

What is your purpose?
Which question or questions are you trying to answer?

Note down any other questions that come to mind.
Remember to take break.

I’m activating one book, which is about note taking in a very specific order. I feel as if I’m not getting it. This is because I’ve noticed I am super-reading and dipping, to get through the book, not to answer a specific question. I'm also just dipping and skittering(ish).

If you’re not getting something I think it is OK to also read summaries or watch intro videos or YouTube videos, these are all activation options. Notice how much you have actually gathered already.

Then return to the book(s).

Remember this...doctors and lawyers go back to books often to find an answer or to confirm information and they still practice hands on skills.

I think with PhotoReading, we expect to apply the whole system to a book once and know everything. Some of my best books, I've read multiple times. Each time I do, I uncover something else or have an aha moment.

I’ve a process to get an overview of a new subject which I will do in a later week.

Activate books, that don't matter i.e. not having to take a test on. I've applied the system to a book that belongs to my child. The pressure was off.

What has gone well this week?
I started my challenge.
I had books digital and physical in every location where I’d want to rest.
I took notes, wrote down my purpose, questions, trigger words on pieces of paper, using felt tip pen. I noticed my written clarity is better with some colours and not others.
I (Previewed, PhotoRead, Postview) on the weekend too.

What could be improved
Take time when postviewing.
Remember to get into state each time, and take time getting into state.

What am I afraid of doing?
Spending time activating.

What do I want to do next week to improve
Commit to doing the whole system with at least 3 books.