Week 2

I didn't fully activate my 3 books that I wanted to. Many reasons why. One book, was fully of exercises, which I wanted to complete. The 3rd book which I started to activate (skitter) late last night, has really caught my attention. I've already had an aha moment for me. That's in terms of understanding what I am reading and being able to apply the information to another scenario.

Not completing the 3 in my allotted timeframe, is basically perfectionist behavior in action. Note to self: something is better than nothing.
Yes, I have a goal for this week.

What's Gone Well?
Super-Reading and dipping hasn't done much for me recently. Thought I'd better do some skittering. This I had been putting off, as it was never in my original cassette course. I've read about various skittering patterns. The one that appears to work for me, i.e. I find the gist of a paragraph the quickest is. I generally read the first sentence in a paragraph, then move my eyes in circular motion around the rest of the paragraph. This seems to capture most if not all of the detail. If I catch something and I feel I am missing something, I circle over the paragraph(s) again to find what I think I have missed.

Rearising, you don't activate the whole book. You activate to find the answers to your questions that you have asked or have to answer.
Slow down page turning when 'PhotoReading'. It's great to go fast. I'm not sure if that's helping. Focus on the mantra whilst PhotoReading.

What Am I Delaying Rigth Now?
Applying the PhotoReading Whole Mind System to my long list of personal & phsycholology of money book. Then applying the information.

What Do I Want To Do To Improve Next Week/ What Am I Going To Do Next?
Finish activating my final book from week 1.
Prepare,Purpose,Preview, PhotoRead and Postview all my Excel books (33 - all digital). My day job is pretty much spent in Excel. Either, playing with Excel myself or resolving issues for others. I often have to do a lot of write in/of/about Excel. For me, this is all a layer of activation.
Add time to my calendar for PhotoReading as a task each day. If it's not on my calendar, it isn't going to happen.