Week 4

What's Gone Well?
Started Prepare, Preview, PhotoRead, Postview my list of personal finances and psychology of money books.

Some books I loved - they were quick and easy to go through. Others felt like mud.
I didn't think I'd applied the PRWMS to that many books this week, then I looked down and saw the physical books I'd gone through. Much of this challenge has me going through digital books.
Some books were very Q and A heavy. I faced up to it and started going through the exercises. Discovered one or two things about myself. I had a shift too in terms of the words (and emotions felt): marketing and sales. That was a great aha. I term them differently now, but, more importantly I feel differently about the two words. This makes it easier to use those terms and/or skills sets.

I'm looking for time to read or making choices so that I can read, rather than do something else. Even slotted one book (Prepare, Preview, PhotoRead,) whilst cooking.

Things I noticed
I got very angry very quickly. This is a highly volatile area for me, that...I've been avoiding/facing up to for a long time. Every time anybody disturbed me....it was lets say...frustrating. It was also in particular the first real time, I've plucked chapters, skittered them and then thought that's enough. I don't need any more information. Remember, you can always come back to a book.

What Am I Delaying Right Now?
Applying all that I have read to create an "automated money management system". Although I've downloaded all of my bank statements, just to see where my money has gone in the last year. I tried importing my statements to an "accounts/personal finance" software and could not get along with it. Then using my Excel skills (Week 3), I've created a spreadsheet which for me is much quicker and easier.

What Do I Want To Do To Improve Next Week/ What Am I Going To Do Next?
Read more about Synoptic Reading and apply as I want to gain an overview for a new topic area, that I want to get a firm understanding of.
Have my automated money system in place.
Finish my money book list.
Set up a Zettlekasten or Smart Note capturing system (week 1 book).