Week 5

What's Gone Well?
I caught up on some of the books from week 4. Not as many as I would have liked. Some where very exercise heavy, which I am going through. Although uncomfortable, it's worth it. Several of the books are read a page a day-so that is what I am doing. I'm not sure how many times I should PhotoRead (flip) the book.

Things I noticed
I didn't do or complete the tasks I set myself at the end of the week 4 post. I need to do the 5 Why exercise which I learnt about during my week 4 books.

What Am I Delaying Right Now?
A specific work task.
Therefore everything I delayed on the previous week's task list.
I struggled to do any PRing over the weekend. The weekend is my "catch up zone".
Starting a YouTube channel.
1 specific money book. - going though it seems/feels very heavy. It's not as bright and breezy as the others I've applied the PRWMS to. Therefore, there is probably some good stuff in there for me to do/face.

What Do I Want To Do To Improve Next Week/ What Am I Going To Do Next?
Week 4 tasks.
Apply the PRWMS to all the books I have by the author Peter Hollins (12).