Week 6

What's Gone Well?
Sorted out automated money management system.
Previewed the first 6 books from Peter Hollins. Give or take they were nearly identical. I gave up. I thought my time could be better spent.
Completed one hell of a work week, with a massive presentation at the end. All went well, but....
Still completing various day by day, heavy, heavy exercise based books, thankfully not shying away as the ahas are worth it.

Things I noticed
Having nearly identical books threw me off my stride. I thought what a waste of my time.

What Am I Delaying Right Now?
Setting up a Zettlekasten or Smart Note capturing system
Starting a YouTube channel.
Meditating twice a day.

What Do I Want To Do To Improve Next Week/ What Am I Going To Do Next?
Apply the PRWMS to a book, that is totally left field for me. i.e. on my list, but not logically attached to anything I am doing or investigating right now.