Week 7

What's Gone Well?
This week was tough. The kids have had a week on holiday aka no school. We all came down with colds, sniffles, feeling unwell, needing much more sleep etc. Basic work got done. Therefore no PhotoReading took place. I managed to work, then I'd be gunning for dinner and bed. The weekend was just one mammoth sleepathon catchup.

I did managed to set up a YouTube channel as previously mentioned in past weeks.

Things I noticed

What Am I Delaying Right Now?
Setting up a Zettlekasten or Smart Note capturing system. - Need to do some investigation as to why this is still on my todo list and not happening. From previous books I've applied the PRHMS system to over the first 6 weeks. I know exactly what to do/ask.
Meditating twice a day.

What Do I Want To Do To Improve Next Week/ What Am I Going To Do Next?
Not sure yet on this one. Still need apply the PRWMS to a book, that is totally left field for me. i.e. on my list, but not logically attached to anything I am doing or investigating right now.