Hi. I have the Future Mapping digital course. I've had it for a few years. I'm not sure whether I'm using it probably though. Due to my human limitations, I find some of the instructions to be confusing.

As a Muslim male, I have the intention of getting married and having children. I'm not allowed to have a boyfriend girlfriend relationship per se, but I'm allowed to get to know a person without sexual relations before marriage to see whether there is any compatibility.

Can Future Mapping be used to achieve the goal of getting married and having children? If so, any tips and advice on how I can use it for this purpose?

For the last 5 months or so, for most nights, I've been reciting zikr/mantra, reciting one of the names of Allah 1000 times between the two ritual prayers of Maghrib and Isha to get the plans, schemes, know-how through dreams and inspirations for how to get married and have children of my own. So far I've been seeing cryptic dreams, but no clear solution for how to proceed.

It seems there are obstacles/blockages in the way. I have female friends but they only desire to have platonic friendships with me, which is fine and I respect their decisions.

In a way, there is divine wisdom why I'm not married and why I don't have children yet. I suffer from schizophrenia/schizo affective disorder/ psychosis/ bipolar disorder and anxiety disorders and due to my mental health issues, I often have suicidal ideation. I feel I need to better myself first before I can have a married life. Any tips and advice on how I can use Future Mapping for this?

In the past, I tried Future Mapping to get married to a certain girl, and the outcome of doing Future Mapping for this purpose was that we've become good friends, but nothing more.

So I'm not aiming to get married to my female friends who only have platonic friendships with me, but is there any way I can use Future Mapping to find someone compatible and to be able to follow through with getting married and having children of my own.

I have a psychiatrist and a Community Psychiatric Nurse and I'm into personal development teachings

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