Hi 😊

I am just getting into the paraliminals and am pretty excited! I am however a bit confused as to how to best go about using them. I have maybe 15 of them.

A lot of the manuals say, that you should use the recording for one week straight. Is it recommendable to do that with all of the recordings before combining them when working on a goal?

One goal for me right now is to master the syllabus that I get to teach, when I get a job as a high school teacher. I have thought about using Memory Supercharger, Power Thinking, Personal Genius, Creativity supercharger, Get around to it, Self discipline and maybe Overcoming Overwhelm. The first four are about getting the stuff into my head in the best and most efficient way, and the last three are about getting around to do it with ease.

If I have one goal worded something like “I know the syllabus inside out and can use it and teach it with great ease and creativity”, could I use it for all of the paraliminals. Or should I have a separate goal of “I easily find the time I need to study the syllabus and I study with great ease and joy” for the part about getting the task done. Should you generally just have one wording of the goal and let the other than conscious figure it out? Or should you adress each aspect of reaching the goal - "getting the information into my head" and "Getting around to actually do it"?

I have only listened to a few of them and none for 7 days in a row. Should I then use the paraliminals for the goal with listening to each for a week? – like this: Day 1-7: Memory Supercharger, Day 8-14: Power Thinking, … , Day 43-49: Overcoming Overwhelm. In this way I listen to each for one week in a row as suggested. Or could I listen to the seven paraliminals consecutively, so I listen to all seven during a week and continue until my goal is achieved? Or each one for three days in a row, and then I would be through all of them after 21 days?

All the best, Esben