Hi Esben

One of the reasons Paraliminals work so well is that they’re incredibly personal, so there are no cookie cutter answers to frequency and duration of usage. You are correct that there are general guidelines provided in the mini manual that comes with each one. That provides a starting point, but most people find themselves quickly adapting those guidelines to what works best for them.

Frequency of use will also depend on the type of challenge you are working with or the outcome you are seeking. For example, if you have chronic anxiety, then you might use the Anxiety Free Paraliminal for several weeks and then once you feel a shift, you might drop the frequency to a couple of times a week.

If there is an infrequent circumstance that generates anxiety (such as having to be in the vicinity of a certain family member), you might use the Anxiety Free Paraliminal the night before and the morning of a family social event that person will be attending.

For mastering a syllabus, I would suggest regularly using the Personal Genius before studying and the Memory Supercharger to lock in the new data. Add in others as you feel the need. If you’re having trouble focusing when you study, then you might add Focus and Concentration. If you find you’re procrastinating and not getting to your study sessions, then consider Get Around to It or Self Discipline.

In all cases, be clear on what your desired outcome is. Once your other than conscious mind knows why you are listening, stay alert and notice changes and synchronicities. Do more of what works for you.

I’ve been using and coaching these products for almost eighteen years, and I’m still sometimes astounded at how rapidly and profoundly they can generate change, insights and growth.

All the best!
Wendy Greer