Hi guys,

I am new to this. I have the 'Abundance For Life' deluxe course. I know what I want in specific terms: -

1. I want to work in a start-up entering as Machine Learning Engineer where I can grow pretty quick (I want to enter this start up within a month and a half)
2. Before I turn 30, three years from now, I want to be running a successful business with a strong potential for moving and settling in the US (or any other first world English
Speaking country). I kind of want this to happen as a transition of sorts from the start up which I mentioned above.
3. Own a car (I still have to figure out which one I do prefer) by a year and a half.
4. Get my parents a house in their native state during my 30th year.
5. Have an awesome circle of people who lead life with passion among whom I would find my marriage partner. (I am aguy)

Ok so I know my goals are specific but I don't know how to get to them nor do I know how to visualise them or put into feelings. The course that I have has a lot of videos apart from the main discs and I don't know where to start. I want to begin working by this month and a half.

I also do have a couple of fears about my goals such as whether I will have a competent yet supportive manager or whether I will learn quick on the job and I also have some insecurities about my intellect.
My previous workplace was a really toxic place and is the only place I have ever worked.

Please Help.