I have had some quick successes using Level 1 to make some changes to my home's layout and get rid of clutter. I am Personal Energy 7 and I have a rectangle shaped house with a small bedroom/office or storage/library room in the SE corner. East is my personal Total Loss direction. This is upstairs, house not very large, and is a personal type area. I no longer use this as a bedroom. I am transitioning the space with many bookshelves in there now and am deciding how to best lay out and use, really, the space since E/SE/S are negatives for my personal energy. Space in my house is at a premium so it most likely won't be left completely empty, as a room (which might not be Feng Shui-smart anyway).

Are there any recommended uses, activations, or remedies for this area?

A window is on the South wall and the East is my most negative (for personal energy number) direction. The entrance door to the room is from the North. Thanks!