I haven't been following this advice. And it showed as most books I've photoread hasn't gel'd for me. Accept recently I've mind mapped a book and felt more knowledgeable on the subject I was reading. But I only wrote 2-3 questions and didn't follow through with asking them while activating.

I always forget the questions while activating. Should I have my questions before me while activating?

Should I ask the question I wrote and the purpose while super reading and dipping?

When I do the dipping part of super reading and dipping is it ok to skip some sentences and words
this is what I did when I read 11 books over 6 days at 20 min each? I would super read and dip the table of contents than read from there it was like I was finding something to super read and dip on every page but as I said I was skipping through.

I don't do the find the trigger words every 20 pages - while post viewing-or look for pictures or italics and questions- should I it'll take a long time like 20 minutes or more?