Hi David, I'm almost done with Level 3 and here are my thoughts based on what I have learned - but, of course, happy to hear any more professional opinions!

Marie does say that your Feng Shui will never be "perfect" so that is a complete relief! What I have learned about these bad directions for your energy number is - you can use these spaces for storage. It is actually a great space for that because it blocks that negative chi flowing in for you. So, making that a storage area is great! You can also minimize the effect of the energy coming in from those directions by putting in an element that controls the element of that direction. For example, S is associated with fire so putting in something of the water element in the South would be a way to minimize that negative energy. This room seems to be in the SE and SE is associated with Wood. So, Fire controls wood. It may be good for you to have red, pink, orange in that area. I would suggest that the bookshelves you put into this room are not wood unless they are on the south wall. SE and E is associated with wood so by putting more wood in that direction you are bringing in more energy from that direction - yikes! If you absolutely cannot get non-wood bookshelves, a good alternative would be to paint them a "fire" color. Feng Shui is all about what you see - so if the bookshelves remind you of fire rather than wood and they are on the SE and E walls - that's great!

Now, another thing I learned...while the Kua is really important because it is your personal feng shui - and I always use it wherever I am, the most important feng shui is time feng shui. Time Feng Shui changes all the time. Right now, for the month of September 2021, the SE is associated with the Abundance star. So, put a gold item in the SE to activate abundance - even if it is in this weird storage area room. The next thing that takes precedence over your personal feng shui is the bagua feng shui. So, the SE is associated with Blessings, prosperity, abundance - It is the money area! So, do keep it tidy & always keep a gold item in this area anyway. Don't be too freaked out about it not aligning to your personal feng shui. It is good with the bagua and time feng shui (at least for this month!).