Keep in mind your purpose for reading the book throughout the process. Only seek out information that only satisfies that purpose. A purpose can change during activation. Be flexible.

It's fine to review your questions once at the start of activation. As you progress through the book, you might have additional questions that are more relevant.

It is good to skip words and sentences when dipping. You are not trying to get full comprehension at this point. Avoid getting into the trap of regular reading too much. Gently question yourself from time to time if what you are reading is relevant to your purpose.

Spend 5-10 minutes with an average size book to note 20-25 trigger words. Keep it light and easy. Avoid any worry about getting the perfect words. Make it a fun game!

The key to success with this process is keep applying some or all of the PhotoReading Whole Mind System every time you read. The more you do, the sooner you will get comfortable with it.

Enjoy your PhotoReading success!