Hi Tabitha!

You definitely want to do your activations and cures in your home, as that is the foundational aspect of feng shui and will be in effect 24/7.

With regard to the constantly moving, as it sounds as if you have a sleeper cab, if possible orient the truck so that at night the crown of your head is pointing toward one of your good personal directions. That way you are harnessing the support of the good night chi.

We had an author who did a lot of book tours, and her son came up with a great feng shui gift for her. He purchased a square of fabric and created nine pockets on it. Each of those pockets represented one of the quadrants on the Nine Directions Chart and she could put her activations into those pockets.

You could pick a color for each square that would represent the pertinent element, i.e. North is water so you could use blue or black, South is fire so you could use red, orange, yellow, etc.

Each night, she would get to her hotel room, unroll the fabric and use her compass to orient it so the directional aspects were in the right alignment.

In addition to the general space feng shui, she also tucked small activations for her four best directions in those pockets on the mat. It was such an innovative idea and worked perfectly for her.

I imagine it would be a great tool for you to use as well.

All the best!
Wendy Greer