Hello everyone, I hope you are having a great day.
So I have glasses and I tried using photofocus with and without glasses. I have myopia, and for what I've noticed, when I use photofocus without glasses I can see the blip page but it's really blurred until I make the book be really near my eyes, but in this case it's hard to notice the whole two pages. Instead when I have my glasses on I see the 2 pages as extremely blurred when the book is near my face, I can see it with a clarity when it's quite distant from my face, but in this case the distance the books needs to have for me to see the words on the 2 pages with clarity is so far that I need to fully extend my whole arms. So what do you guys suggest? Do I really need to see the words on the pages with clarity or nope? I also improved my breathing but so far no results in improving the clarity of the words, for me seeing the blip page is extremely easy but yeah I have this "clarity" obstacle in my way. So what should I do? Am I doing photofocus correctly?

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